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Skills that are dying out Now – A – Days

Yes, Here am talking about the Skill’s that are dying out today because of technologies.
Here are the few ones and reason for dying: 1) Using dictionary:Yes, using dictionary is dying now a days for searching a word. Google replaced searching for accurate word or some online or offline integrated dictionaries for laptop or mobile with easy to get meaning option is cause for death for searching dictionaries. 2) Using Reference Book: Now- a –days “Wikipedia” becomes the best reference book for all you need. And if something you didn’t find out go for Google search. Uses of Wikipedia and Google search have taken over the need to look at proper reference book or dictionary. 3) Mental Arithmetic ability: Uses of calculator, mobile or computer screen took place for all our daily need for doing some arithmetic. The ability to do mental arithmetic has suffered as people can readily use a calculator on their phone or computer screen. 4) Reading Map: Searching ability on Map for direction, route or …