World cup win and a lesson

When the Indians around the world are rejoicing and celebrating the victory in the world cup finals today and while extending congratulations and appreciations for the team’s success, I was just pondering over an issue. Probably many of you might have thought in similar lines but let me share my thoughts with you as usual.

He is an Ambassador of Indian cricket. He is cricket India. He is a legend. He has no one to surpass him on technique, hard work, focus, dedication concentration and humility. That is Sachin Tendulkar.

God has given him so much. He has made him to score 99 international test hundreds.

What an opportunity was there for him today to score his 100th international test hundred (the only one in the history of cricket) in front of his home crowd in Mumbai at a world cup finals (which probably would be his last). If he had scored a century and led his country to win today, it would have been simply the best and unforgettable golden moment in one’s life in the history of the world. But this did not happen today.

What then happened? When God had given so much to him, why did not he help Sachin to achieve this feat in a time like today and bless the glory upon him?

While it is difficult to find an answer to this question, the next great thing we noticed was that every one of the Indian team member honoured Sachin for this world cup win. Despite the moment of so much heat and attention on each of them, they spoke of Sachin. More than that they carried him on the shoulders around the stadium. The crowd honoured him with a standing ovation.

Is it not great? If Sachin had scored a century and led the team to win, then the honor bestowed upon him would be a natural thing. However, despite not scoring enough runs, more than the two great performers today (Gambhir and Dhoni), Sachin was honored  This showed something beyond a natural event. It is the value that is bestowed upon the team by this man.

I think this is the lesson God wanted to give. True performers are always honored irrespective of the momentary success or failures.

What we need to learn and practice is dedication, focus and performance to achieve our goals. Despite whatever happens, the honor that you deserve will be given to you some way or the other. That is what God would do.


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