Message of Love

Mithun got promotion.. So everyone was congratulating him!!

Mithun: Thank u..
Abhijith: Congrats ra
Mithun: Thanks Bava
Then Indhu came der.
Indhu: hey Mithun :)
Mithun: hi Indhu
Indhu: Congraaaaaats..U got promotion... So when ru going to give the treat..
Mithun: ah..well..sure..sure...Anytime :)!!!
Indhu: u have my number?
Mithun: hey nooo
Indhu: give ur mobile... i ll give a msd call… Save it.
Mithun gave his mobile to Indhu..
Indhu: yess....take it ra..will talk to u later..bye ra
When Indhu left, Mithun’s friend Varun came der…
Varun: Ye ra… You both were exchanging mobiles also!!!! Wats d matter :p ???
Mithun: hehe bava bava.. She gave her number ra… (expressing his happiness)
Varun: Ok Ok… Give party for this also…
At room 10.30 pm

Varun: Wat da.. why ru looking at the mobile sooo nervously?
Mithun: Her number Bava… Am jst thinking wat msg I should send…
mithun typed the message
"hey indhu tis is mithun...."
Varun: Orey Jaffa!!! Wat is dis!!!
Mithun: Kya hua Bava???
Varun: Rey for the past one year u both were sitting side by side in Office.. Why do u fear to Propose?? This is the chance macha..!!
Mithun: Rey Poda.. I have to speak a lot wid her.. I need to share so many personals wid her…
Varun: Just listen macha… It took one year for you to have her number… U have to share personals, propose her, & she should accept.. Good.. Orey Jaffa..!! By that time she will get married..!!
Mithun: Then wat shud I do Mama???
Varun: Jst directly propose her :)
Mithun: Bava… Propose??? Nooooooo…

Varun: Yes Macha… She may accept or reject... It’s better to see the result now itself…Don’t be late.. Just send her I Love You…
Mithun: Rey… Rey…
Varun: Arey listen Mama...
Mithun: Ok ra…
mithun is typing the message…
Varun: Wat man… Ur hands are shivering… Don’t Worry… Am der naa…!!!!”(Varun began to sing a song teasing Mithun)
Mithun: Hey Mama… Stop those stupid songs.. :(
Varun: Ok Ok… You Continueee :) !!!
mithun continued
Varun: Rey type fastly
mithun continues..
Varun: Orey Stupid… Idiot… Jaffa… Wats dat typing!!!
Mithun: oooosshh sorry Bava, I was in tension … Now I ll type correctly..
Varun: wait wait
Mithun: Wat???
Varun: Send her the message & keep the mobile aside!!! Lets see the reply tomorrow…
Mithun: Bavaaaaa :( :( :(
Varun: Jaffa!!! If she says No, then you will not let me sleep this night..!! I can’t bear that torture.. So just keep the mobile aside & sleep.. If its negative reply.. Then take lite :)
Mithun: ok ra...
Within few seconds Mithun messaged her, there was a message tone… A reply came to his mobile... But Mithun din’t see the mobile…
mithun: maama we got a reply… Shall we see??
Varun: Hey swith off the light & sleep.. Lets see dat tomorrow!!!
At 12 AM
Mithun: Bava Bava!!!!
Varun: Hey what??? (Wid ltl bit seriousness)
Mithun: mama reply came know… Is der any chance that she accepts???
Varun: yaa der is a chance raa.. :)
Mithun: thanks ra U sleep..
Mithun: mama mama…
Varun: Reyyy… Watttt??? Why ru disturbing me like dis???
Mithun: I ll jst see her reply daaa…
Varun: Bava Nooo!!! Then u ll be crying the whole night!!!..Keep quiet & sleep!!!
Mithun: Reyyy
Varun: Entra.. Why ru killing me like dis??? :( :(
Mithun: Mama Ru sleeping???
Varun: Reyyyyy…Nee Yankamma!!!.. Ur the first one to wake up a person who is sleeping and asking him whether he is sleeping …Rey… Idiot.. Waste Fellow.. Don’t u have concern on me..!! Go & sleep!!! Tomorrow I need to wake up early… :(:(:(

At 4.AM
Mithun: Bava its 4 Am ..This is morning naaaa... Can I read the message???
Varun: rey pls ra :(:(:(
Mithun: I am not getting sleep raa
Varun: Close ur eyes… :@ U ll get sleep…
Mithun: mama mama... Its 6 Am

Varun: orey Murgi Chor!!!  If I know that you ll be torturing me like dis, then I wud not told you to see the reply tomorrow.. … Go & Sleep macha… Plzzzz!!!!
Mithun: No I should read that message now…
Varun: shabba Ok.. Go.. GO & See.. (Varun was ltl bit serious)
Mithun opened the message very excitingly & with the same force, he fell down with Shock...
Varun: Rey… Wat happened… Wat happened!!!
Mithun didn’t say a single word….
Varun: He might have died with happiness…. I too should see her reply!!!
Varun saw the message in Mithun’s mobile... Even Varun was shocked… The message was…!!!!


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