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World cup win and a lesson

When the Indians around the world are rejoicing and celebrating the victory in the world cup finals today and while extending congratulations and appreciations for the team’s success, I was just pondering over an issue. Probably many of you might have thought in similar lines but let me share my thoughts with you as usual.

He is an Ambassador of Indian cricket. He is cricket India. He is a legend. He has no one to surpass him on technique, hard work, focus, dedication concentration and humility. That is Sachin Tendulkar.

God has given him so much. He has made him to score 99 international test hundreds.

What an opportunity was there for him today to score his 100th international test hundred (the only one in the history of cricket) in front of his home crowd in Mumbai at a world cup finals (which probably would be his last). If he had scored a century and led his country to win today, it would have been simply the best and unforgettable golden moment in one’s life in the history of the w…

Chennai meri jaan.....

Someone sometime said if there is a heaven on earth its kashmir . Excuse me sir or mam whoever it was . i object and i insist its chennai better say "Namma Chennai".

I'm having gr8 time here .the weather is so good and serene . max temp is just 43 degree Celsius and i don't want to know about the minimum. Some times it even snows and i m going to buy some winter clothes this weekend ... i ALWAYS wanted to come to a place like this ......... i m so LOVING it .... The sun is quite strong but it has its own advantages. If u don't have a matchbox u dont need one. Stand wid ur ciggarete and after few mins u can see fumes raising from somewhere (just be cautious , its not ur ciggarete always...u are vulnerable too)...i went to shop and asked for suns cream wid spf 200 .....the lady slapped me and asked me to wear burqa.... well if ur LPG cylinder gets over always keep one solar cooker for emergency .Better use solar cooker for everyday and LPG for emergency hehehehe i …

Micchami Dukkadam - Samvastsari Mahaparv

There may be a time when your Jain colleagues, friends or neighbors come to you and say “Micchami Dukkadam” (seek forgiveness) with joined hands. You must have wondered what does this mean and why is he/she saying it to me?

On the final day of Paryushan is Samvastsari Pratikraman (ritual for washing away sins). Jains seek forgiveness from all the creatures whom they may have harmed knowingly or unknowingly by uttering the phrase— Micchami Dukkadam. It means "If I have caused you offence in any way, knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word or deed, then I seek your forgiveness". No private quarrel or dispute may be carried beyond Samvatsari, and traditionally, letters have been sent and telephone calls made to friends and relatives asking their forgiveness.

Svetambara and Digambara are two major sects of Jain religion. Shvetambars observe the ritual over 8 days and Digambars over 10 days. It takes place during the monsoon season (Chaturmas), when travelling barefoot is diff…

Phone call of a frustrated software engineer - ;-)

A software engineer  calls  his friend

plss.. talk to me... y u r not picking up the call ?????"

Friend:  "everything is alright?"

"wat alright.. noting is alright.. see the time.. its 11pm.. n I m coming now from food for me today also.. now I will cook...
From the past 3 days..I m eating only maggie... n my PM eating only me..see the price hikes, everything is 2/- more frm yesterday.. except my salary...I think the begger in front of my office.. earns more than me.. wat shud I do..."

"wat happened.. wat r u talking"

"wat i m talking???? no, I m not talking.. Manager dont allow anyone to talk except the client.. who always talks something.. from past 3 months i didnt take any from 3 weeks.. i m just begging for one dam leave.. n wat response i got....'why u want to waste an important day of ur life??'

i now finalize one more time... yes..i m gonna quit.. this project...but, i cant. no, i can.. but i wont..uh...&quo…

Corporate Language !!!!

"We will do it" means
" You will do it"
"You have done a great job" means
"More work to be given to you"
"We are working on it" means
"We have not yet started working on the same"
"Tomorrow first thing in the morning" means
"Its not getting done... At least not tomorrow !".
"After discussion we will decide - I am very open to views" means
"I have already decided, I will tell you what to do"
"There was a slight mis-communication" means
"We had actually lied"
"Lets call a meeting and discuss" means
"I have no time now, will talk later"
"We can always do it" means
"We actually cannot do the same on time"
"We are on the right track but there needs to be a slight extension of the deadline" means
"The project is screwed up, we cannot deliver on time."
"We had slight differences of opinion" means

हर पल में खुश रहो

ज़िन्दगी छोटी है हर पल में खुश रहो, आज पनीर नहीं तो दाल में खुश रहो, आज दोस्तों का साथ नहीं तो टीवी देख कर खुश रहो, घर जा नहीं सकते तो फ़ोन करके खुश रहो, जिसे देख नहीं सकते, उसकी आवाज में खुश रहो, जिसे पा नहीं सकते उसकी यादों में खुश रहो, बीता हुआ कल जा चूका है, उसकी मीठी यादों में खुश रहो, आने वाले पल का पता नहीं तो उसके सपनो में ही खुश रहो, हँसते हँसते जिंदगी बीत जाएगी, बस हर पल खुश रहो.

Message of Love

Mithun got promotion.. So everyone was congratulating him!!
Mithun: Thank u..
Abhijith: Congrats ra
Mithun: Thanks Bava
Then Indhu came der.
Indhu: hey Mithun :)
Mithun: hi Indhu
Indhu: Congraaaaaats..U got promotion... So when ru going to give the treat..
Mithun: ah..well..sure..sure...Anytime :)!!!
Indhu: u have my number?
Mithun: hey nooo
Indhu: give ur mobile... i ll give a msd call… Save it.
Mithun gave his mobile to Indhu..
Indhu: yess....take it ra..will talk to u later..bye ra
When Indhu left, Mithun’s friend Varun came der…
Varun: Ye ra… You both were exchanging mobiles also!!!! Wats d matter :p ???
Mithun: hehe bava bava.. She gave her number ra… (expressing his happiness)
Varun: Ok Ok… Give party for this also…
At room 10.30 pm
Varun: Wat da.. why ru looking at the mobile sooo nervously?
Mithun: Her number Bava… Am jst thinking wat msg I should send…
mithun typed the message
"hey indhu tis is mithun...."
Varun: Orey Jaffa!!! Wat is dis!!!
Mithun: Kya hua Bava???