Chennai meri jaan.....

Someone sometime said if there is a heaven on earth its kashmir . Excuse me sir or mam whoever it was . i object and i insist its chennai better say "Namma Chennai".

I'm having gr8 time here .the weather is so good and serene . max temp is just 43 degree Celsius and i don't want to know about the minimum. Some times it even snows and i m going to buy some winter clothes this weekend ... i ALWAYS wanted to come to a place like this ......... i m so LOVING it .... The sun is quite strong but it has its own advantages. If u don't have a matchbox u dont need one. Stand wid ur ciggarete and after few mins u can see fumes raising from somewhere (just be cautious , its not ur ciggarete always...u are vulnerable too)...i went to shop and asked for suns cream wid spf 200 .....the lady slapped me and asked me to wear burqa.... well if ur LPG cylinder gets over always keep one solar cooker for emergency .Better use solar cooker for everyday and LPG for emergency hehehehe i know i m so intelligent.

well whats good is that there are so many good and imp projects here and no one is on bench . i m working on 2 -3 projects together and have no free time. they may send me onsite soon . also i may become the project manager though i m reluctant coz i have no damn idea what a project is. I've got a meeting with senior officials after some time and after that i have to dig my head into a 4000 lines of code. Not a big deal just a 1 hr job.

I just love this place . The food is like home cook. U can get all sorts of dosas here for Rs15 ( i know its lil costly ) and 1 roti costs 25 bucks . I dont know how do they manage to give so cheap rotis . I feel like kissig them and giving 12 extra bucks as tip. The food is so delicious and sumptuous  The good thing about this place is nariyal pani its very good for skin,eyes and i dont know what other parts.

There is no language problem. By the time u will explain an auto driver where u want to go u can walk to that place urself. It saves ur money and exercises u too. For buying vegetables me and my frnds go with one sample of each vegetable to show them. Dont dare to order something for home delivery else u may end up eating idli instead of pizza.

One more good thing is attire . For males they can go all the possible places from office (if u dont have a dress code) to pub to malls to beaches in lungi. Its like the local national attire of this place. I m planning to buy one but the problem is lungis over here are not branded and if the wind is strong then u may end up giving marlin Monroe pose.

For gals gajra(malipu flowers in hair) is must . Once one lady was sitting on bus stand and one goat came from nowhere and ate her hair along wid the flowers but these accidents happen rarely and u can always wear a helmet if u see a goat.
shit i forgot to tell 1 imp thing . here if u go to a party carry ur own laptop or iPod coz the songs played over there are just too good for u to understand its value ( u dumb bozos). they are tamil classics from 1960's with uncles and aunty doing something , running around the tree making weird poses ... i m sure they were not actor and actress rather their parents but when i asked a local he got furious and said they were super-hit jodi of their time. I swear my uncle looks younger than the hero ......... if u want to buy beer than sorry u wont get chilled beer these ppl over here like it the other way hot ....hahaha

Hot ppl hot city.. Hotiity Hot cheers guys ...........

Cheers to Chennai DC* the place to be i will keep on updating u guys…

* - Development center (used in Infy)


  1. Dude, If you don't like the city, why visit the place? seriously, do rotis cost much lesser in your Mumbai or Pune? Yeah, lemme go talk to an autowala in Tamil in Pune and see if can understand me.

    Every place has its own uniqueness. Relax and enjoy all the uniqueness you see within this small country.

    I know, its purely your idea about the place. Everyone has the right to express their views and my view about your post ,being a Chennaite, your article offended me a lot. Pure Satirical! I am Sorry!


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